For a brighter future.

How can we create a brighter future? Through art or science, illumination or enlightenment? We are convinced that it’s impossible to choose.

The connection between artistic creativity and scientific perseverance is as evident as the fact that we need lighting to generate the ideas that make a difference for humanity. And that’s why Fagerhult supports Nobel Week Lights.

This initiative, for us, is self-evident. Because Nobel Week Lights reminds us of hope and light, in our physical world, when darkness is at its densest. Working for sustainability, innovation and health we must focus on what can be changed. Our own products illuminate everything from offices to universities, places where world-changing progress takes shape. Lighting itself assists in enlightenment.

Together, Fagerhult and Nobel Week Lights create space for a brighter future.

Nobel Week Lights logo

Nobel Week Lights is presented by the Nobel Prize Museum and is a tribute through the art of light to the Nobel Prize laureates and their contributions to the greatest benefit to humankind. This year’s light festival takes place at seventeen locations around central Stockholm and is open to the public.

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