Statistics in a new light

  • Year: 2018
  • Collaborators: LED Linear, LTS
  • Location: Helsinki
  • Architect: Innovarch

Keva is Finland´s largest pension provider and it administers among others the pensions of local government and state. Keva also owns many high standard properties to let in Finland, like offices and commercial premises. In its real estate investments Keva maintains a focus on responsibility and energy efficiency. Keva´s real estate Työpaja, former called Statistics Finland has now opened its´ doors to the new tenants after a big renovation. One of the tenants in Työpaja is now Statistics Finland. 

Negotiations of the project started in the spring 2016. Aim was to plan to the premises high quality, long-lasting and energy efficient lighting solution with modern lighting control systems. Fagerhult was chosen as a supplier of the luminaires, and co-operation with the electric consultant, architect and contractor went very well and in the spirit of mutual understanding.

Main positions were Notor 78 Delta (as 2,4 m tandem versions) and Multilume Slim Delta which both provide efficiency and optimal lighting comfort. They are installed all around the building in corridors, halls and office areas. Fagerhult delivered variously many other luminaire models too, like Recessed Notor Delta, many versions of Pleiad, Tibi, Appareo, AllFive, Kaptur, Combilume* and some products from LTS and LED Linear too. Six Freedom circles are offering luxurious details in interior decorating.

With a few exceptions the color temperature is 4000 K in all luminaires. That gives fresh and bright feeling to the premises. The walls and the floor in the entrance hall are covered with grey granite. Color temperature 3000 K gives little warmth and softness otherwise to so cool and hard atmosphere.

Flexible and future-proof DALI router system is in use in the whole building. Presence and daylight controls are ensuring that right amount of light is always there where it is needed. Most of the luminaires are equipped with Helvar´s  HF- ballasts and cables with EnstoNet installations couplers, which shortened the installation times significantly. 

This building has been one of biggest projects in Fagerhult Finland´s history. As numbers it means 10 floors, 27.326 m² and over 5000 lighting fixtures. All the offices are now renovated into wide and modern activity based offices, where transformability, coziness, effectivity and quality are in focus and where the energy efficient lighting has its´ own important role. Many bigger and smaller meeting rooms and comfortable silent rooms offer privacy when needed. All the common areas, like auditorium, conference room, entrance hall and lunch room got a new and modern look too.

*Obsolete product. 


Ville Räsänen

Sales Director


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