A clear focus on sustainability, innovation and teamwork

  • Year: 2022
  • Collaborators: Vasakronan, PEAB, Elektro-Centralen, LED Linear, We-ef, Simes
  • Location: Gothenburg
  • Photo: Björn Ceder, Felix Gerlach

There is a new landmark on the Gothenburg skyline – Platinan. With its unique architecture and large glass facades the structure creates a dynamic indoor climate where the electrical light complements and collaborate with the natural daylight.

Commissioned by the real-estate company Vasakronan, Fagerhult has created a wide range of lighting solutions throughout the entire building – from the garage all the way up to the Skybar. With over 60.000 square meters and a wide spread of operations, all lighting solutions have been carefully chosen and optimised. The role of light in this project was to find the balance between design, lighting comfort and energy-efficiency. So, light is only used where and when it makes a difference, enabling great energy savings.

In close collaboration with PEAB and Elektro-Centralen, we have installed 12 800 luminaires and 5 kilometres of spotlight tracks. The spotlights Touch Midi* and Zkye 55 accentuates restaurants and entrances while Kaskad lights up the long corridors. Kaptur provides light and safety in the garage. Smart and energy-efficient lighting controls have been used, and everything from lighting, ventilation, security, heating and water is controlled via the Building Management system of the property.

Almost every luminaire in the building – around 80% – are custom made. As Fagerhult was privileged to take part in the early concept phase, we even developed the truly minimalistic, squared profiled luminaire, Notor 36, specifically for Platinan. We had to reinvent ourselves to find the right solution, and the luminaire now blends into the ceiling – further accentuating Platinan’s modern architecture.

“With the help of Fagerhult we created a system – how to deliver our luminaires, to which floor and to which area. Without that I don't think we would have managed to do this as fast as we did.”

Joakim Jörenius, CINO, Elektro-Centralen

When creating Platinan, Vasakronan had a clear vision on mimising the climate impact in every step. By setting a common focus, the project resulted in the highest level of the LEED certification; Platinum.

The project has stretched over a long period of time and included constant change and fine-tuning. A close collaboration has been vital considering the magnitude of this project and all luminaire deliveries have been made with the utmost precision.

*Obsolete product, replaced by Touch Midi G2.


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Niclas Appelquist

International Sales Director

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