• Year: 2019
  • Location: Fagerhult
  • Architect: Arkitekthuset
  • Photo: Joel Dittmer

In 1980, Bertil Svensson – the founder of Fagerhults Belysning – built a giant head quarter for his company. The ambition was to keep the business, and the jobs, on location in Habo. His aim succeeded, and now almost 40 years later the interior was in a need of an update.

Now a days the Swedish sales company houses the headquarters, and has done so for over a decade. The intention of the refurbishment was to keep the original feeling, and let the inside meet the outside. The colour choices are therefore somewhat bold, but a connection to the roots – and very consistent.

As originally intended, focus in the headquarters is local - both in materials and solutions throughout the venue. Stones from Västergötland paves the entrance, and the lighting solution is hand made across the street.

The purpose was to update the office spaces to a more modern way of working, with flexible meeting points and bookable rooms. Naturally, the lighting solution plays a great part in all this. The luminaires are energy saving and enables the staff to create an adapted light setting for each desk. All in order to make the most out of the office space.