Law and order in new light

  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Lund
  • Design: WSP Jönköping
  • Architect: FOJAB
  • Photo: Joel Dittmer

A court is a public institution that must be open and inviting, while at the same time instilling respect and feeling safe and secure. Our aim was to help the client reach their vision of a "safe and accessible district court".

In central Lund, Specialfastigheter has built a new District Court for the National Courts Administration. The new District Court is about 10,500 square meters large, divided at seven stories, one of which is below ground. The building will be certified according to the Environmental Building level Gold.

The district court's activities and its location place high demands on the building. For example with regard to openness and light admission versus privacy and shell protection.

There are enormous demands on us as a lighting supplier in a project like this. It takes a lot of expertise to calculate a negotiating room in the right way. Not only should the luminaires give a good light setting for the room, they must also be safe and efficient.


Carl-Henrik Stjernfeldt

Säljare Indoor Syd

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