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Light for bright innovations.

Industrial premises often requires mounting of luminaires in tricky places. This could make maintenance complicated, especially if an operation goes on around the clock. SCANIA in Södertälje, Sweden, came to us with a wish for a modern lighting solution from Fagerhult, where you can put maintenance on the shelf.


Just like Fagerhult, SCANIA is a Swedish-originated company of quality products. In their new development department, they needed the latest lighting solutions. 

At SCANIA's premises, in Södertälje (Sweden), they test 5G-technology and other advanced technology. The Royal Institute of Technology is on the site to make studies and test different tactics for Scania's future development. Visitors come from all over the world, and their premises need to be representative and illuminated in an appealing way.

Our challenge was to be able to illuminate from high altitude in the ceiling without throwing shadows on the floor, or dazzling the staff. We also had to consider sensitive electronic equipment present, such as robots and AI, without disturbing their sensors or settings with our lighting.


Great heights require high light outputs. Our industrial luminaires are available in many different designs in terms of light output and light distribution so that it is always possible to find the perfect solution, for a narrow warehouse aisle or an open floor space in a logistics center.

We achieved a wide light with a good glare and 4,000K to give the impression of a spiky and active workplace with good function. Vertically, we use 6,000K on the walls with respect to our biological system and circadian rythm. The overall impression should give a futuristic expression but also reflect Scania's identity.

Our lighting solutions not only provides the light needed for the operation, they also help to create a sustainable solution considering energy use. Therefore we also installed The light is controlled by the Helvar Router 510 and the control panel Digidim 135. The general light is with our latest creation DWIDE, which has a wide light scattering and an expression that fits well with the future of Scania and to their roof. The vertical light is with 6,000 Kelvin from RELAY RAIL.

Apart from Fagerhults products, we also used Megalo from Ateljé Lyktan and Linear LED Walk over from Simes. 


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Lighting Advisor

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