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Issues with light data files 

Unfortunately we have problems with light data files at - the web shows icons even there are no files available. Please note - if you get a 500 error message, there is no file available.

In the example below, three icons are visible, but it’s only the LDT-file that is available. IES and Dialux shows a 500 error message.

Open light data files

For LDT and IES you need to download and select "Show in folder" to see where the file is located. Or you can adjust the browser settings (see below), to choose where to save the file. Then import the file manually from that folder in Dialux.

Approve save as in your web browser

Chrome: Settings > Downloads > Ask where to save each file before downloading

Safari: Preferences > General > File download location

Edge: Setttings > Downloads > Ask me what to do with each download


This page has been updated 2021-02-25 at 14:30 (CET).