Aluminium-zinc coated sheet metal

Coating sheet metal with aluminium-zinc is a very effective way of preventing corrosion. Aluzink® coated sheets are made in the same way as hot-dip galvanised sheet metal, but use a mixture of approximately 55 % aluminium and 43 % zinc, rather than just zinc,  to coat the surface.

Parts made of Aluzink® are immediately ready for use following shaping, welding and bending. It is therefore cost-effective as, in some cases, the need for lacquering can be avoided. When welding and cutting, the cut surfaces self-seal to restore rust protection.

The moiré effect of Aluzink® makes it aesthetically pleasing. The sheet is normally used in industrial luminaires as a casing or end piece. Other applications include brackets and other sheet metal parts that are not normally visible but which require protection against rust.

White rust can occur in some humid or otherwise extreme environments. Aluzink® is a registered trademark of SSAB.