For a brighter future

Fagerhult wants to contribute to a brighter future by promoting access of environmentally friendly and healthy lighting solutions within the rural areas of Tanzania. This is why we support the female solar entrepreneurs of Solar Sister.

Fagerhult has always taken a social responsibility locally, and as we have grown globally we want to increase that. If we are responsible in action today, we have better conditions to conduct a successful business tomorrow.

80% of Tanzania's population has no access to electricity, and is one of the world's poorest countries. By supporting Solar Sister, and their work in Tanzania, Bright Future annually contributes to helping people to better light - and better lives. The female entrepreneurs receive training and a start-up kit to get started with their sales.

Bright Future


"I am no longer dependent on my husband and I have realized that I can do business on my own. This has made me feel independent but also increased my self-confidence. Today, it feels like I am capable of doing almost everything."

In 2020, Bright Future’s ambassadors visited the Kishapu region where they met many solar entrepreneurs, including Siku Mwinuka, who has been selling solar products for two years.



How we work.

We strive for having a positive impact on both people and the planet. That is why we are actively committed to building both a sustainable environment and a sustainable society. A significant part of that contribution is Bright Future, whose main purpose is to create a brighter future for people in need. Therefore, since 2015, we have been contributing to Solar Sister in Tanzania, which is a non-governmental organisation that promotes female entrepreneurship. Their model is to educate and support women to deliver solar lighting in rural areas where the electricity grid is very poor. The NGO was founded in 2010 and are also conducting solar cell projects in Uganda and Nigeria.

Fagerhult are making an annual contribution to Solar Sister, but has also appointed a project group of Bright Future ambassadors. Their main purpose is to inform about the project, follow up on the results, create engagement and to find channels to expand the aid. All contributions collected through the ambassadors go directly to selected aids that have been evaluated through visits to the contractors in Tanzania.

Solar Sister has been evaluated and selected by Social Initiative. Social Initiative regularly follows up the project and contributes knowledge and experience. Read more about Social Initiative on their website.

Bright future

Our latest visit 2023.

Earlier visits



Supported regions.

During the years that Bright Future have contributed to the expansion of solar lighting in Tanzania, several regions have been targeted with our support. They have varied over the years, since the main focus always been to assist new-established regions and regions where our support can make the greatest impact.

Since the start, Fagerhult has supported the development within the following regions among others: Chato, Geita, Hai, Kyela, Lushoto, Mahenge, Mwanga, och Rombo.



Our contribution.

Fagerhult’s annual contribution is primarily intended to educate and recruit more women to become Solar Sister entrepreneurs. Since the start of the project in 2015, our contribution has resulted in:


  • 627 educated solar entrepreneurs in 13 regions

  • 73 319 solar cell products sold

  • 97 000 tons of reduced carbon dioxide

  • 235 000 people have gained access to clean energy

You can support our initiative in two ways:

- Donate to Solar Sisters