Västerbro Torg, Växjö

A square out of the norm.

Västerbro square is an intimate small area next to the train station in Växjö, in the middle of a newly developed centum area. The aim of the project was a "roomy" feeling, where the area is perceived as having a ceiling - giving the square more soul.


The square is an entrance to the city, and the south district, with the bridge over the railway landing with its staircase in the north end of the square. The place is a passage in many of Växjö inhabitants everyday life, and an obvious entrance to adjacent houses and shops. The design of the square is meant to give a warm and welcoming feeling regardless of the season or time of day.

The most important elements have been the care of the square's floor and "roof". Where the floor consists of a ground tile with shifts in the clay, to give more life and a warm tone. The ceiling has been created by lens-tight lighting, where the wires are irregularly in a criss-cross pattern over the surface. The two luminaires used interact and creates a good light on the square while enabling a happy "living room feeling" with its many bright spots in the sky.


The client, the municipality of Växjö, wanted a square without lighting pillars and, at an early stage, attempted a lens-tight lighting solution. Catenaries has been mounted asymmetrically and diagonally across the square to create an atmospheric impression. The squares is enhanced in an effective way, using light loops attached to the catenaries.

Our luminaire Rondo, with specially made lens clamp, provides the general lighting in the square. The luminaire is equipped with LED lamps of 3000 K to enhance and reproduce the warm material of the ground. Choosing a luminaire such as Rondo, with its classic cylindrical design, is an aesthetically sustainable solution.