Skejby Psyk

Promoting health with light.

Light promotes health during periods of care. In healthcare, light is especially important. Optimal use of natural and artificial light can be vital since light has a direct impact on the health of patients and staff. In our project with Skejby Psyk, a new modern psychiatric hospital, the human centric light was our perspctive throughout the project.


Denmark's newest and most modern psychiatric hospital, located in Skejby, is now ready for operation; a hospital operated as an OPP project, with the choice of lighting fixtures from Fagerhult A/S throughout the project, both indoors and outdoors.

All patient rooms - both in general and legal psychiatry - are single rooms with private bathroom and toilet. The building contains both playgrounds, courtyards, ball fields and activity halls.

It is estimated that there will be approximately 130 000 outpatient treatments and/or conversations a year, including patients who are not hospitalized. The hospital hosts about 2900 hospitalizations a year. Apart from the patients, there are 1,600 employees and 200 students in the hospital.


It’s a very speciel project that needs secure and robust light fixtures. The main entrance and reception is all pink and adorned with paintings made by patients.

The luminaires used are Pleiad downlights, Pleiad robust, Multilume Flat 30 x 120 (custom made for ceiling with hidden bar in corridors), Bedlamp robust and Pleiad wallwasher in patient rooms, Lepo pendant in staffroom and in the basement AllFive LED.

The lighting is of course with LED everywhere, and DALI ensures monitoring of each luminaire. The lighting consists partly of functional solutions, robust luminaires and is complemented by mood lighting like wallwashers and pendants.

In addition, in the patient rooms there are RGB luminaires, which ensure the wanted colour temperature/colour of light that are preferred.