Three different outdoor solutions

Simrishamn is a small municipality located beautifully in the south of Sweden. They needed help with the outdoor lighting solution for three different areas in the town, Tobisvik area, the Port and the Bath path. Below you find the different cases more described more in detail, and also a testimonial from our customer.



During 2017 and 2018, the municipality of Simrishamn carried out a detailed plan in the Tobisvik area, in the northern part of Simrishamn. The area is a popular leisure area with a large outdoor swimming pool, camping, mini golf courses, walking paths and several national cycling and hiking trails that pass. The area is squeezed in between the Baltic Sea with wonderful sandy beach and the Åbackarna forest area. Tobisvik is reached by a few minutes walk from the town. The area was originally built in the 50's and was very poorly lit. Few walking paths had lighting, and the large areas with parking and mini golf were not illuminated at all, which led to the area not being used after dark.

The solution was a complete review of all lighting in the area. We took great consideration of the complexity and needs of the venue. All surfaces received more and new lighting in different designs. The aim was to increase the area's attractiveness even more and to offer a leisure area that feels safe and safe to stay in. We chose a well-balanced mix between low-key lighting on bollards and facades for high posts with good light for road users and cyclists who cross the area.


The Port

The harbor area is a popular venue for everyone in Simrishamn. The Port has been a natural part of the city for almost a 1 000 years, and the city has historically always lived on the fishing industry. In the area, research is currently being conducted on a large scale in combination with a living harbor for both large and small vessels. Thanks to its location at the end of Storgatan, the harbor is a natural part of the city and draws a lot of tourists and visitors. The lack of good lighting made the harbor area, with all the activities, a somewhat difficult place to stay after dark.

We chose to replace all luminaires in connection with the Port to Vialume luminaires. Because of the many activities in the Port with lorrys, trucks and other machines, we chose to keep posts at heights from 6 meters upwards. High poles make great demands on the luminaires to deliver a well-balanced light without dazzling machine operators or people on foot, who have the harbor as their workplace.
After the change of luminaire, the open surfaces of the Port are more accessible and easier to work in even when it is dark. The harbor is a place open to everyone, so good light is also perceived positively for tourists and visitors who want to experience the fishing industry close up.


Bath Path

In connection with the implementation of the detailed development plan Tobisvik, we chose to prepare the walking path called Badstigen (Bath path). Badstigen is an 800-meter-long bicycle and walking path that connects the city with Tobisvik. The path goes right next to the Tobisviks beach in the east and Tommarpsån in the west. It forms a part of the Skåneleden and the Southeast Trail which are both national joints. The path did not previously have good lighting and was perceived as insecure and difficult to reach during winter. Many residents in the municipality's northern parts and along the coast use Badstigen daily for commuting by bicycle and the area is a popular destination for preschools and schools.

The Bath pathg was equipped with new lighting and new poles along the entire stretch. We chose Verda without a hat to get a light spread upwards, and to give the distance a greater spatiality. Badstigen is now a well-run path and is available in a completely different way to what it was before. It can now be used as a safe way to travel, by bike or on foot, during all hours of the day, all year around.


Simrishamn municipality felt that they were offered great opportunities to influence the outcome of these different cases. Anand Andersson, project manager at Simrishamn Municipality, tells us: 

Sometimes it can be difficult for us as customers to easily select a suitable luminaire, since there are plenty of manufacturers and luminaires to choose from today. We as a municipality do not always have the skills required to make the best possible choice based on given conditions. Fagerhult took the time to visit us, listen and make field visits both day and night - to identify our unique needs. Therefore they came up with good suggestions that were completely in line with our thoughts and wishes.

The advantage of the investment made by Simrishamn municipality is, in the short term, a reliable and aesthetically pleasing facility. In the long term they have an energy-efficient lighting plant that delivers the right light at all times.


I would definitely recommend Fagerhult to other! They delivered in all situations, completely according to our wishes. As a customer, you feel well taken care of and prioritized with good support and the opportunity to influence the whole process yourself. Through visits to Fagerhult's facility and tour of their test environments, you get a good idea of ​​what their luminaires and products deliver in reality.


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