Pleiad G4



Pleiad G4

More efficient*

Quicker installation between downlight and driver*

Reduced weight and volume of the cooling body*



 * Compared to Pleiad G3

Pleiad G4

Uncompromising width

Pleiad G4 simplifies and streamlines advanced lighting planning for entire projects by using one and the same luminaire type. The series includes recessed downlights in four different diameters, a square recessed downlight, a an adjustable recessed downlight, surface-mounted downlights in two diameters and wallwashers.

The combination of the luminaire models, comprehensive range of lumen packages and reflectors makes it possible to plan functional, comfortable and energy-efficient lighting environments for any situation. Regardless of ceiling height and install configurations.

Pleiad G4

Uncompromising performance

Pleiad G4 has an energy efficiency of up to 140 lumens per watt, which is 50 per cent more than its predecessor, Pleiad G3. This increase has been made possible due to a unique combination of a COB light engine, a redesigned cooling body and Fagerhult’s proprietary central lens.

The Fresnel lens facilitates efficient and precise control of the light, which gradually fades out against the reflector. 90 per cent of the light distribution emanates from the lens, which gives soft luminance transitions to the reflector and further out into the room. The result is a glare-free environment with pleasant luminance.

With several different distribution angles – from narrow to medium and wide-beam– and powerful lumen packages, it is possible to create efficient and comfortable lighting with fewer luminaires, even with high ceilings heights.


Uncompromising light comfort

Reflectors in matt, black or white make it possible to vary the appearance – and mood – of the room. The different reflectors provide various soft luminance transitions. A darker reflector makes the luminance transition smoother, with the same transition being more distinctive with a lighter reflector. This opens up the possibility of providing different visual impressions of the luminaire, as well as the room, aligned to the appearance and effect requirements.

Pleiad G4

Uncomprimising installation

Pleiad G4

Uncomprimising sustainability

Pleiad G4 is the optimal choice from a sustainability perspective. All luminaires can be supplied with CLO (Constant Light Output). The driver is pre-programmed for a constant luminous flux throughout its service life, with any losses compensated by the supply of a adjusted amount of energy.

The cooling body of the Pleiad G4 has a completely new design that lowers the temperature in the luminaire and contributes to its high efficiency. The new design has facilitated a 70 per cent reduction of the cooling body volume and weight, resulting in smaller and lighter luminaires with lower material consumption (aluminium) and environmental impact in connection with manufacturing, transport and final recycling.

To make it comparable and transparent Pleiad G4 (125, 165, 205) comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), this gives a clear review of the products total environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.