Outdoor lighting

Fagerhult is one of the market’s leading lighting companies, and has been developing and manufacturing lighting for public environments for over 70 years. Light is our passion and thanks to our extensive experience of outdoor lighting, we now offer solutions for all types of areas – from streets and roads, facades and local environments, to parks and city centres.

Light for humans

We will help you to create lighting environments that make people feel safe and secure, provide increased traffic safety and ensure attractive meeting places. Using lighting control, you can also ensure that there is enough light in the required place at the right time – which means energy savings and a reduced environmental impact. 

Light should be a positive experience – both for those seeing the light from a distance and those in the light emitted by the luminaire. This is why visual comfort is our guiding principle for developing lighting.

Adapted for your project

We understand that each project is unique. Thanks to cooperation between development and production, as well as a nationwide sales organisation, Fagerhult can be a flexible partner when it comes to designing lighting solutions for your particular area.

With our solid lighting expertise, we can adapt solutions to your needs – with high delivery reliability.