Lighting and design concepts for retail. 

Several different factors affect how we experience an environment, but few are as central to creating atmosphere and feeling as the lighting. When it comes to a company's perceived image, lighting design is just as important as all other interior design elements, such as the colour scheme and furnishings.

Lighting represents a large share of energy use in retail premises today. Upgrading and replacing your lighting solution with energy-efficient LED lamps, preferably with smart control, reduces not only your energy consumption, but also your carbon footprint. We want to work together to make a difference for a more sustainable future, and we fully support the global environmental initiative for the retail sector established by the United Nations.

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Light up your brand 

No two projects are the same, and that is the charm. Some customers want to update their existing solution while others need to consider a completely new approach to adapt their brand to the market. Regardless of the task at hand, we like to join our clients for the entire journey. The concept development process can look something like this. 

Concepts without borders 

We know how close the rest of the world is. Today, events in one part of the world are not isolated incidents. The same applies to our customers who operate in several different markets.  

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can help your brand to thrive. On the local level, in your physical store we can help you with everything from optimised lighting solutions to certificates and different logistics models. On the global level, we can follow your brand expansion with ease.

Lighting control for retail

Attract attention and make an impression

The thing that separates e-commerce from a physical store is, of course, the store. Stores are meeting places that offer real-life experiences, know-how and personal service. We use all our senses to experience our surroundings, and those physical impressions trigger our emotions. By creating different light scenes, you can enhance the customer experience and reinforce your brand feeling. What feelings does your brand convey?


Lighting is one of the most important ingredients in any interior-design recipe. It is the spice that gives the space its special flavour and changes its impression or expression. Let Twister Line's brilliant lines create new patterns and shapes.

Touch G2

Touch G2 is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment. A versatile ingredient, always ready to put on a great performance no matter the application. 

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