Light up your brand.

No two projects are the same, and that is the charm. Some customers want to update their existing solution while others need to consider a completely new approach to adapt their brand to the market. Regardless of the task at hand, we like to join our clients for the entire journey. The concept development process can look something like this. 



Expose your brand with the right lighting

The soul of a brand lies in its identity. And just as with people, it is complex and exists on several levels. We want to help champion and enhance the essence of your brand, your core identity. This is where we find the associations and values that persist as your brand evolves over time.

We want our lighting solutions to contribute to an aesthetic, an idea and an experience that strengthen the customer's brand and identity. Create the right feeling and atmosphere. 

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Keeping retail contemporary

Trends are ever-changing; this is the very definition of the concept. Exploiting trends can sometimes feel like taming a river in the spring thaw, with the flow and direction constantly changing. We know that people's lifestyles and thoughts are reflected in their actions. Insights in this area are of great value to our customers. 

Today, the product itself is not the most important consideration for a consumer. Equally important are the brand's positioning and core values, which must suit the consumer's personality and ideals in a completely different manner these days.

A clear example of this is in one of our most recent projects for Lynk & Co, which has a highly contemporary approach to retail. 



We love lighting

And when you love something, you want to do it all the time. This is why, for the past 75 years, we have truly deepened our knowledge of lighting and its effects on people. We are always curious about light, and how it can affect us and our surroundings. It is this curiosity that drives us to continue developing new ideas.

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We do things together

We want to invest in long-term partnerships with our clients as we consider the customer relationship the linchpin of good results. We believe that long-term relationships provide an opportunity to develop, face challenges and evolve together over time, which we know to benefit both ourselves and our customers.





Part of the glocal community 

The events of the past year have truly shown just how interconnected our world is. Today, events in one part of the world are not isolated incidents. No one raises an eyebrow at the idea of working remotely from another country. 

And since the world is global, it is important for brands to safeguard their identities and histories. With our knowledge, we can help brands to maintain their identities while growing and establishing a presence in other parts of the world. We can follow your brand expansion on a global level.


Contact us and we can talk about your next project

We know that challenges and needs differ depending on who you are and the phase of the project you are working in. Our insights into the planning process make it easier for you to get it right.