3D files

More 3D-files can be found on each product page.

MagiCad (external link)

BIMobject (external link)

Light planning tools


Fagerhult plugin for DIALux

How do I auto-update the DIALux database?

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

Notor recessed configurator 

Notor pendant configurator

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
in accordance with ISO 14025

Here are the EPDs currently available for download.
You find simpler environmental declarations on our product pages.

AllFive (600 mm)

AllFive (1200 mm)

AllFive (1500 mm)

Cirrus G2


Evolume 1

Induflex (1200 mm)

Induflex (1500 mm)


Multilume Re:Think

Multilume Slim

Notor 36 Pendel/Ceiling

Notor 36 Recessed

Notor 36 Track

Notor 65 

Pleiad G4 (125, 165, 205)


Streamer Mini


Instruction for use can be found on each product page.

Citygrid - system

Citygrid - user manual

e-Sense Active

e-Sense Customised Stand-alone

e-Sense Detect

e-Sense Detect DALI

e-Sense Detect On/off


e-Sense Flex

e-Sense Stage 

Organic Response - user manual

Organic Response - portal manual

RGBW Airglow QuickGuide

Obsolete products

e-Sense Connect (2019-11-01)

e-Sense Tune - user manual (2021-06-01)

e-Sense Tune - configuration manual (2021-06-01)

e-Sense Move – user manual (2023-03-01)


e-Sense Motion - configuration manual (2022-09-22)

e-Sense Motion - system (2022-09-22)

e-Sense Motion - dongle (2022-09-22)


Disassembly instruction (LED)

Maintenance instructions (LED)

Maintenance and disassembly instructions (T5)