A sustainable choice is simple.

Times are changing and today we understand the importance of taking care of Earth’s resources and reusing what is already there. In the search for renewable materials, a new classic was born. With housing made of cardboard, Multilume Re:Think is making strides towards a more sustainable future.

Right now, a significant shift is taking place where fluorescent lamps are being replaced with LEDs and great focus is being placed on energy-efficient solutions and reducing our climate impact. With additional luminaire sizes, it becomes easy to create long-term lighting solutions, both for renovation and new buildings in the future.  


The importance of choosing the right path.

As the electricity consumed during the use phase of our luminaires becomes greener, the choice of materials has become increasingly important. By renewing one of our most popular luminaires with a body made of Solid Board and a new packaging method, we have succeeded in reducing the climate impact and making a sustainable choice easy.

Acclaimed innovation

In a short time, Multilume Re:Think has won the hearts of both customers and the industry, which we are very proud of. The luminaire received, among others, the Best Product of the Year Award from Norwegian Lyskultur in 2021, and the 2021 Sustainability Award in the MENA region. Multilume Re:Think has also been nominated for the 2022 Guldstolen Produkt, an award presented by Architects Sweden.


We are proud of our products and we always carry out a comprehensive quality assurance process before they are launched. In this case, we all learned new things, without sacrificing safety, quality or function. 

Learn more here about the journey we have made in developing a new product for the industry in a completely new material. 


Questions & answers

With this luminaire, we've really tried to think outside the box, even if the end-result looks square. We understand that there are many things you might be curious about regarding the product, which is why we have gathered some questions and answers here. 


With the target in sight. 

We have been producing luminaires for over 75 years and have always paid close attention to the details and quality. Since 2020, we have also had ambitious sustainability goals, linked to the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which provide direction for our sustainability focus and for how we contribute to society. We want to help our customers make conscious choices, and therefore each newly developed luminaire must have an accompanying Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This gives a clear picture of the total environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. 

*Compared to an annual volume of Multilume Slim 600x600 mm.


Energy-efficient School Renovation

Sint-Janscollege in the Netherlands is being renovated and expanded to become an energy-efficient and multifunctional school in order to meet the demands of our time. In the first newly built section, more than 500 Multilume Re:Think luminaires have been installed. 

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