Quick connection system – Wieland, WAGO, Ensto

A quick connection system is used to simplify the installation of luminaires. The main benefit of quick connection systems is the reduction in installation times for large or continuous lighting systems.

The latest evolution of Fagerhult’s Quick Connection System (QCS) streamlines the attachment of luminaire, remote driver and power. Supplied pre-assembled to the remote driver, using a tool-free, snap-in technique the driver links and locks to both the luminaire and on-going power connection as quickly and risk-free as possible.

Except luminaires for fixed installation or supplied with a 3-pin plug, it is possible to connect the chassis connectors to the primary side. Models for Wieland, Wago or Ensto connections can be complimented with a T-splitter for on-going connections.


In order to avoid incorrect connection that could, in a worst-case scenario, result in connected products becoming damaged or even dangerous, it is important for the quick connection systems available on the market to be used correctly, i.e. in the manner intended and designed for by the manufacturer. For example, a 5-way connector system intended for 3-phase installation must not be used instead for 1-phase + control cable for dimming. Other connector types must be used for such systems to prevent incorrect connection due to mistakes.