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Fagerhult has been affiliated with BIMobject and providing downloadable objects since 2018, all to make things easier for you. BIM creates virtual copies of our products as BIM objects. These objects make our products more accessible, informative and visible in the build process.

What is BIM? 

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a further development of digitalized processes in the construction industry. BIM not only includes 3D models for modelling and simulation, but also digital information about products that can be retained throughout entire processes. Old working models, where different file formats and processes quickly became obsolete, are no longer a problem. 

Working with BIM 

BIM increases efficiency in time, cost and materials as everyone involved in a project has an overview and has insight into how their part fits into the overall project. BIM objects are not just for the design phase. Later when a project is finished, you still benefit from the BIM objects when maintaining a luminaire, for example, because all the information you need is in the BIM object.

What is a BIM object? 

A BIM object is a digital description of a product with data and specifications about the physical product and at the same time, describes the relationships between the different design elements and components. A BIM model consists of a number of BIM objects in the same build project.  

At Fagerhult, the objects are presented as Revit files with information about lumens, kelvins, output, weights, dimensions and other product characteristics.

Our BIM objects do not include IES files, but they can be easily imported when visualizations are needed.  

Where can I find Fagerhult's BIM objects?

There are three ways to obtain an BIMobject:

1. Among the documents on the product page, you'll see a Revit link. There you can download a ZIP file with the BIMobject for the relevant product. 


2. For some products you will also find a button labelled BIMOBJECT higher up on the product page.
The link will take you to the product at BIMobject®BIMobject® is a portal, or platform, that collects BIM objects from many manufacturers in many industries.


3. You can also search for our products at BIMobject® where n
ew models from our product assortment are continuously added. Via BIMobject®, synchronized design is possible, so if we update our models, you will get the latest updates without having to download any new files. 

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