Our products make the
future brighter, not darker.


To us, sustainability is all about balance and farsightedness; whether that be in production, investment, technical innovation or social aspects. Our own environmental impact is especially important to us and never far from our minds in the development of our products, given that our factory in Fagerhult has both a water protection zone and a nature reserve on its doorstep.

Our sustainability promise.

– for a better environment and a brighter future.

More about our 5 areas for action


In the early 1970s we were pioneers with Fabian, a luminaire made entirely of plastic. But times are changing, and materials and approaches that once felt right and proper, require a fresh look. By replacing the materials in the luminaire body with renewable resources in our best-selling product Multilume, we reduce climate impact from the luminaire body by 83%. We hope that this choice can lead to a positive difference for the environment and a new approach to the flow of resources and products in the manufacturing industry.

We warm ourselves with old pallets.

Every day, we take delivery of large volumes of materials into our factory. The majority of these shipments arrive on pallets. Single-use pallets are turned into pellets in our own pelletiser and then incinerated to heat the factory, thus providing used packaging with an entirely new function.

Energy efficiency and CLO.

The luminous flux from LEDs degrades over time. The majority of our luminaires are therefore equipped with constant light output (CLO) with a light-depreciation value of L100, meaning that the luminaire maintains its light output for a much longer period of time. This in turn optimises the performance of the entire installation, with less over-illumination leading to a lower installed output and, in some cases, even fewer luminaires. Fagerhult’s L100 CLO luminaires maintain the same light level after 50,000 hours burn time as they had when they were first switched on.

Internal Testing + External Testing = High Quality.

Our products are tested under real-world conditions so that our customers can rest assured they are of the highest quality. Since 1993, our in-house laboratory TeknikCentrum has had Supervised Manufacturers Testing Authorisation (SMTA) from certification body ETL Semko, meaning that we are permitted to conduct all necessary testing for both the S Mark and ENEC Mark for compliance with European standards. Our test equipment, quality management system and staff competence have all been inspected and approved. Those luminaires that we are unable to test ourselves are sent for external testing in order to guarantee that they maintain the high levels of quality that we demand of them.


STENA helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are well aware that the Earth's resources are finite, and are thus recycling our production waste to the greatest possible extent.With our collaboration with Stena – which collects the majority of our waste – everything that can get new life is being recycled. Thanks to this, (May 2018-May 2019) we reduced our CO2 footprint last year by 2,250,751 kg.

Bright Future.

Through the Bright Future organisation, Fagerhult contributes to a brighter future by distributing environmentally friendly, healthy lighting to the disadvantaged in Africa. The project promotes female entrepreneurship, increases incomes in local communities and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Annual carbon dioxide emissions from the use of kerosene lamps in southern Africa alone are greater than Spain’s total annual CO2 emissions.

The light is on but nobody is home.

There is nothing more unnecessary than a luminaire burning when nobody is home. This is why all of our luminaires have the option of lighting control via motion detection or preprogrammed lighting solutions, all to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and save the Earth’s resources. Naturally, you also have the option of remote control using a mobile app or a desktop portal if you forgot to turn off the lights when leaving home, which also saves unnecessary journeys.

Where do products
go when they die?

Even if we do love our luminaires, we understand that they cannot live forever. At sometime, even they will need to go to the grave. This is why we don’t glue components together when assembling our products. Everything is screwed or clicked into place, making it easy to disassemble the luminaire when the time comes. When one of our luminaires is no longer functioning, we simply recycle any reusable components.


All of our luminaires have a materials declaration

Our products have a limited lifecycle and we want to ensure that during this period they have the least possible impact on the environment. All of our luminaires have a materials declaration that allows you as the end customer to see what types of materials are used in the product and how they are transported from our factory. If you have any questions about our products or their components, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Human centric lighting (HCL)


One of the most important aspects of sustainability, and one that we sometimes fail to address, is the wellbeing that lighting creates for people. All of our products are created for one purpose – to contribute to a better work environment and outdoor environment. Our aim is to ensure that the public spaces that our products illuminate are made more usable as a result of good lighting. This is entirely in line with our founder’s original concept; to make people’s everyday lives easier by providing light that responds to their needs.


Global and local solutions


As a global business with a presence on many markets, we are required to comply with a number of different standards and dimensions. We have therefore produced a configurator for adapting our luminaires. We can then produce these on demand in order to save on resources, energy and materials. This process is shorter and more systematic and we avoid overproducing luminaires for which there is no demand.


100% LED


Since 2012, LEDs have been the most energy-efficient light source for luminaires. This is why Fagerhult only manufactures luminaires with LED light sources. LEDs are 90% more efficient as a light source than any previous solution and, because we produce most of our LED circuit boards on site in Fagerhult, our production chain is also more efficient.


We are continuously working to improve. As a global organisation operating on many markets we have great responsibility; something that we bear with respect. Our environmental management is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, while our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Our internal goal is that our luminaires should comply with environmental requirements from SundaHus and Building Material Assessment (BVB). We assess our products for these certifications on request.