Major investment in road lighting

The Vialume and Evolume families are the core of Fagerhult's range of post top luminaires. The families are now growing and we are taking the next step in developing road lighting. Both Vialume 2 and Evolume 2 are larger and more powerful luminaires with high luminous flux and advanced optics developed for illuminating wider main streets, motorways and large car parks.

A road lighting system may include hundreds of posts, and here every watt is important. This is why Fagerhult's development team has focused on obtaining as much light as possible from the luminaires. 


High degree of freedom with optimised optics

Using Fagerhult’s specially developed AGC (Advanced Glare Control) lenses, our post top luminaires are optimised pursuant to the requirements in the latest lighting standard – and provide good visual comfort. You can choose between a number of lenses adapted for various areas of application – everything from roads, streets, car parks, footpaths and cycle paths. 

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Vialume 75 – high light quality in a small format

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light, we created Vialume 1 – Fagerhult’s first self-manufactured street luminaire. The luminaire is characterised by a soft, organic shape – a timeless design that enhances the area during the daytime and provides brilliant lighting in the dark of night. The family is now being expanded with several variations on the Nordic classic. 

The smaller post top luminaire, Vialume 75, has been developed with outstanding light properties for smaller streets, footpaths and cycle paths. As the name implies, the luminaire is 75 percent the size of its larger siblings, but both the design and outstanding visual comfort are uncompromisingly the same. 

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Visual comfort

Here at Fagerhult, visual comfort means that light should be a positive experience – both for those seeing the light from a distance and those in the light. Using Fagerhult’s specially developed AGC (Advanced Glare Control) lenses, we have succeeded in minimising glare and ensuring good uniformity.

The lenses are extra-large and are tightly placed in a single luminous cluster – a design which optimises visual comfort. Furthermore, the lenses are recessed into the luminaire to minimise glare.

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Energy-saving lighting control

The need for fully lit streets and other environments is reduced during the late evening and night. But switching the lights off completely may result in us feeling unsafe. With the help of advanced lighting control, it is possible to satisfy the needs of residents while also saving energy. 

Most of our post top luminaires have various lighting control options for ensuring a sustainable lighting system. There are also DALI versions available on request so that you can implement the lighting control system that you want. 

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Tailored to your project

Different projects have different requirements. Therefore, our various post top luminaires can easily be customised as regards to luminous flux, colour temperature, cables and other factors that could have a significant effect on the functionality of an installation. Or why not choose a unique luminaire colour?

Fagerhult's extensive knowledge of lighting means we can make project customisations suited to your needs – with delivery assurance of the highest degree.

Knowledge, development and manufacturing in Sweden

We develop LED solutions based on the latest research that are tested thoroughly in our lighting laboratory (certified by a third party), where we make use of the latest expertise and equipment. This allows us to ensure that all laws and standards are met. Since 2014 we have also manufactured our own LED cards at our factory in Habo, which means that we can ensure quality and sustainable production, and guarantee spare parts for a long time to come.