Retained sense of security with
good visual comfort

Needs-adapted and energy-efficient control

Applying the principles of lighting where and when you need it can be a challenge in exterior applications such as pedestrian walkways and streets. With sporadic night-time occupancy they rarely need to be fully lit but leaving them in complete darkness can jeopardise the sense of security. Citygrid is an innovative wireless lighting control system that balances the need to minimise energy usage with the needs of the people within the space.

Presence-controlled and
smart lighting.

Light levels by
area and function.

Major potential
energy savings.

Citygrid basics

Open and scalable system

Citygrid has been developed to be scalable, adaptable, and open. It is easy to add additional luminaires to an existing installation, modify the light characteristics via a smartphone app or upgrade to a cloud-based solution. Any compatible DALI luminaire can be brought into the network, and it is even possible to connect with a City Management System via an API.

Linked Solution

From detecting presence via a single luminaire in a bus stop, all the way up to long rows of fittings communicating with each other to regulate the light levels according to need, the linked solution is the core functionality of the Citygrid system.


Connected Solution

The connected system provides the same functionality but with the ability to fine-tune light settings, receive fault notifications, and analyse energy and occupancy data via a secure web-based portal.

System description

System architecture

Here are the different components of the system and its communication paths



Municipality of Viborg

The Municipality of Viborg in Denmark has invested in future-proof and energy-efficient outdoor lighting, including an installation in the new Arnbjerg district,. Along the residential streets, the beltway and pedestrian and cycling paths in the district, there are about 2,000 luminaires equipped with Citygrid. 

Citygrid logo.png

A system from Seneco, a part of the Fagerhult Group.

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