Future-proof and energy-efficient outdoor lighting

  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Viborg

In close cooperation with the Municipality of Viborg, Fagerhult has contributed to a future-proof and energy-efficient outdoor lighting for, among other things, the new district of Arnbjerg. The Municipality of Viborg is one of the first municipalities in Denmark to install demand-controlled outdoor lighting.

On residential streets, the beltway and pedestrian and bicycle paths in the district, there are now approximately 3,000 Fagerhult luminaires – Vialume and Verda. To create the demand-controlled outdoor lighting the municipality wanted, about 2,000 of the luminaires are equipped with Citygrid, a wireless and presence-controlled system that, with the help of sensors, turns on and dims lighting depending on whether there are people nearby. The luminaires provide good visual comfort, with light where and when needed, while preserving the feeling of security for the residents. 

The Municipality of Viborg chose Fagerhult as its supplier and partner because of the simplicity of installing the luminaires and systems, as well as for our good service and support. Another contributing factor of the choice falling to Fagerhult and Citygrid was that the situational reports that are created, operating status and any faults in the system are smoothly reported via gateways to the municipality's technicians. Valuable information that eliminates the need to carry out scheduled visual checks of the lighting installation twice yearly, which would otherwise be the case. 

Citygrid provides the opportunity for significant energy savings for the municipality, and through the open and scalable system, where newer and improved technology can be continuously integrated, Citygrid is a future-proof solution both for the municipality and its residents.