Visual comfort

Since 1945, we at Fagerhult have worked to develop luminaires that make a difference to people. The very first product developed by our founder Bertil Svensson was designed to improve life for his mother as she sat doing handicrafts late in the evening. We actually still work according to the same principles today: light for people.

Light for people

All outdoor environments should be planned with a focus on people and with regard to how we react and function. We want the luminaire to be experienced as pleasant in its context, and for that context to be pleasant as well. With good visual comfort and light in the right place, the location feels more secure to those operating there.

Glare is the discomfort that arises when we are exposed to a higher light level than that to which our eyes have adapted. Older people are more sensitive to glare and that is why it is important to take visual comfort seriously.

Specially developed lenses

During the development of our own AGC (Advanced Glare Control) lenses, the challenge was to produce optics with perfect light distribution suitable for most wall geometries while also minimising glare to increase visual comfort. At Fagerhult we therefore have post top luminaires with extra large lenses that are arranged close together – a design that ensures minimal glare.

The light cluster also illuminates the luminaire somewhat so that it can be seen from a distance, and the vertical surfaces have well balanced brightness that increases spatial awareness and gives a greater sense of security. This means that the eye can comfortably adapt to the road ahead as we approach the luminaire and there is less risk of glare.

For the Vialume post top luminaire we have also raised the luminous surface in the luminaire slightly so that there is no glare at a distance. Something that can be a problem when working with smaller lenses in the lower edge of the luminaire.


Comments on visual comfort

"Visual comfort means that all three of our core values have been fulfilled. That the visual, emotional and biological aspects are taken into consideration, and that we always think about the end user."

Henrik Clausen, Director, Fagerhult Lighting Academy

“As a light designer, I’d describe an environment as visually comfortable when the lighting situation optimises the visual capacity. This is achieved primarily by minimising or ideally eliminating glare from the light sources.”

Harita S. Undurty, architect and light designer