Ensuring light meeting places

When the sun starts to set, the city lights slowly come on. People go home to their loved ones or to meet friends. It will soon be evening. An evening filled with expectations and meetings between people.

With the right lighting in the right place, you can fill the city with safe and pleasant meeting places. Our lighting solutions decorate the area during the day and provide good visual comfort in the evening. 


Light for outdoor meeting spaces

The role of park lighting is to create a comfortable, safe ambience that entices people once the sun has set. Lighting and the luminaires themselves are also an integral part of the landscape architecture, helping to shape or define its character. 

Vivita and Verda are a luminaire family with a shared advanced technical solution and carefully designed proportions and finish for a classic or contemporary appearance. 

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Light that creates space

To create a sense of security, it is important to be able to survey the space. Omnidirectional post top luminaires are excellent for general lighting. With our range, you can also create welcoming spots within the space and highlight the function and possibilities of various spots. If façades, vertical surfaces and vegetation are illuminated, it is easier for us to get an idea of the shape and size of the space.


Light that creates identity

Lighting can enhance a space’s layout and help to improve a green area or city centre. Create different looks for different areas using varying lighting effects or RGB solutions.

Streets full of life

Light for people in motion on city streets and walking areas.

Lightning on city streets

The square is the heart of the city

The lighting should be attractive and create a feeling of security.

Lightning on the square

Pleasant parks

By lighting up the parks people get a sense of security and dare to stay out more often.

Park lightning