Verda with decor ring/shade

A post top park luminaire with shade in classic design. Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. The acrylic décor-rings adds a visible variation. CLO for output consistency as standard.


Luminaire for assembly on a post, with post top Ø 60 mm.


Supplied with 5 m 3x1,5 mm² connection cable (H05RN-F).


Body, heat sink and cover in cast aluminium. Diffuser of impact resistant UV-stabilised polycarbonate. Shade of enamelled aluminium, wet enamelled underside. Ballast integrated in the luminaire.


Decor rings in acrylic (PMMA).


Symmetrical reflector in acrylic (PMMA) or asymmetrical reflector in sheet metal.

Light distribution

Symmetrical or asymmetrical.


Citygrid – PIR sensors with presence detection. Wireless communication via radio protocol.
Citygrid Linked – a wireless system for one or more luminaires. Can be up-graded to Citygrid Connected.
Citygrid Connected – a web-based solution with the ability to remotely control and review the lighting via a cloud hosted gateway which interacts with the installation. An additional subscription is required.
Citygrid-products, see accessories.
Night-time dimming 2 – dims down for eight hours.
Other options for light control available on request.

Standard colour

Anthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé).


Driver with integrated surge protection (DM: 6 kV. CM: 8 kV).
Extra surge protection (DM and CM: 10 kV) available on request.


CLO (Constant Light Output) maintains the correct light from the luminaire for the duration of its rated life.


Indirect light

Vivita & Verda

Contemporary and classic takes on park lightingVivita and Verda are a luminaire family with a shared advanced technical solution and carefully designed proportions and finish for a classic or contemporary appearance. With its...

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Name Description
Name Description
Anti-glare shieldAnti-glare shield to Verda 120°97418
Anti-glare shieldAnti-glare shield to Verda 165°97419
no-image placeholder Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, black (RAL 9005 G70).303679-224
no-image placeholder Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, black (RAL 9005 texture).303679-230
Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, alu-grey (RAL 9006 G70).303679-235
Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, anthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé).303679-329
no-image placeholder Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, traffic grey (RAL 7042 G70).303679-548
no-image placeholder Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, graphite grey (RAL 7024 G70).303679-549
no-image placeholder Wall bracketWall bracket post top Ø 60, green (RAL 6009 G70).303679-552
Citygrid dongleCitygrid Dongle is the commissioning tool that in combination with the Citygrid Configuration app, enables the configuration of a Citygrid installation.86490
Citygrid On PoleThe Citygrid On Pole unit enables all luminaires to be integrated into a Citygrid network. The unit is mounted on a pole and connects to the luminaire via cabling behind the pole cover plate.86492
Citygrid GatewayCitygrid Gateway is the bridge between the luminaire's Citygrid controllers and the cloud, which enables data to be displayed on the Citygrid Dashboard. Comes with the Citygrid Gateway Cabinet Kit with 2-wire 1.5 m cable for mounting in electrical cabinets.86495
Citygrid On Pole mounting kit for gatewayCitygrid Gateway Pole Kit with 2-wire 8 m cable. Enables mounting on poles.86496