Vivita & Verda

Contemporary and classic takes on park lighting

Vivita and Verda are a luminaire family with a shared advanced technical solution and carefully designed proportions and finish for a classic or contemporary appearance.

With its slim, cylindrical form Vivita is an elegant, contemporary post-top luminaire ideal for modern park environments. The integral combination of rods and rings adds a refined aesthetic which maintains its design integrity when illuminated at night and during the day. Vivita can be supplied with a large shade spanning Ø720mm for a more dramatic visual expression.

Verda is a luminaire range with many aspects. The heritage styled basic model can be supplemented with decor rings and a shade, either individually or in combination. This makes it easy to vary the lighting within a larger area, for example, a park, a market square or a tenant-owner association – with a cohesive aesthetic.

Vivita and Verda are based a combination of indirect and vertical light. This approach creates a pleasant room experience and illuminates the environment even at the edge of the pathway, brightening up hedges and shrubbery. A comfortable light at face level, which makes it easy to identify people you encounter and to see what lies further ahead. The light is evenly distributed across the pathway for superior visibility, safety and security.

Vivita and Verda can be supplied with complementary bollards with both general light and directed light which illuminates the ground and shines a guiding light. Vivita bollards emphasised rods and flat surface mirrors the pole tops modern appeal. Similarly, Verda bollards rounded design is sympathetic to the classic stylings of the park luminaire.