On Ground LED

An ultra-robust ground floodlight that sits above the ground, avoiding many of the traditional operational issues of ground floodlights and creating beautiful exteriors even in demanding environments.


Luminaire for cast in-situ or mounting in Ø108 foundation. Foundation for in-situ casting is buried in the ground. The rest of the luminaire is above ground. Mounting tube for foundation or in-situ casting are ordered separately.


Terminal block 5x1,5 mm² in IP65-box.


Body in hot-dip galvanised steel with protective cover either in sturdy PMMA or in steel with light opening. Separate ballast box that is mounted protected inside the steel body. Acrylic cover plate for the steel cover light opening can be ordered as an accessory.


Reflector of anodised aluminium in either 20° or 42° angle.


DALI as standard.

Designed by

Olsson & Linder.

Standard colour

Anthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé).


On Ground

On Ground is a very robust in-ground luminaire that unlike other indirect solutions isn't completely installed in the ground. That makes it ideal for environments that require an extra durable and sturdy floodlight, combining...

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Name Description Art.no.
Name Description Art.no.
Cover plateCover plate, acrylic (PMMA) for cover.97284
Mounting tube for On Ground LEDMounting tube for in-situ casting303569
On ground coverOn Ground cover PMMA303573
On ground coverOn Ground cover steel, anthracite (gris 900).303572
Mounting tube MultitubeØ 108 mm pipe, Ø 190 mm bracket.301663
Mounting tube MultitubeØ 60 mm pipe, Ø 190 mm bracket.301668