Create safe and attractive meeting places – outdoors

When darkness falls, it is lighting’s task to ensure that there is a sense of security. Good lighting is one of the most effective ways of making an area attractive. Fagerhult has a complete and adaptable range of outdoor lighting – in other words everything you need to create the perfect outdoor room for residential areas or any other local environment.

Vialume 75 – high light quality in a small format

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light, we created Vialume 1 – Fagerhult’s first self-manufactured street luminaire. The luminaire is characterised by a soft, organic shape – a timeless design that enhances the area during the daytime and provides brilliant lighting in the dark of night. The family is now being expanded with several variations on the Nordic classic. 

The smaller post top luminaire, Vialume 75, has been developed with outstanding light properties for smaller streets, footpaths and cycle paths. As the name implies, the luminaire is 75 percent the size of its larger siblings, but both the design and outstanding visual comfort are uncompromisingly the same. 

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Light for outdoor meeting spaces

The role of park lighting is to create a comfortable, safe ambience that entices people once the sun has set. Lighting and the luminaires themselves are also an integral part of the landscape architecture, helping to shape or define its character. 

Vivita and Verda are a luminaire family with a shared advanced technical solution and carefully designed proportions and finish for a classic or contemporary appearance. 

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Illuminate vegetation for a beautiful effect and framing

Using the robust On Ground floodlight, you can create a sense of security and a beautiful setting at the same time. It is ideal for e.g. illuminating vegetation around a car park or communal areas ­­– to create beautiful effects and define boundaries.

By illuminating vertical surfaces, we are better able to see the space and gain an impression of the size and shape of the space. On Ground LED is suitable for environments where particularly sustainable and durable luminaires are required.It is also located above the ground to prevent drainage problems and to prevent it from being covered by leaves and snow.

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Create a sense of security using directional lighting

Good lighting is essential when it comes to increasing the sense of security outdoors. Thanks to the PoleLITE floodlight it is possible to create both a sense of security and beautiful surroundings using simple means.

PoleLITE has a hinged bracket that can be turned to the desired position for e.g. illuminating a staircase or surrounding vegetation. The bracket is easy to install on both new and existing posts. 

It is also possible to install several floodlights on the same post, either at different heights or all at the same height. Choose from three different distribution angles depending on what you want to illuminate. 

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Some lighting tips for a warm welcome.

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Communal areas

With the right lighting in the right place, you can ensure attractive meeting places.

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Guidance and security is essential to the proper functioning of a car park.

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