DALI components

Smaller, simpler DALI solutions

Here are a number of DALI components that can be advantageously used in smaller DALI solutions where e-Sense Customized may be too great an investment. If you are interested in creating a classroom, small conference room or similar, then you can go directly to the DALI components in this range. A pushbutton panel, power supply and presence sensor may be quite sufficient. Naturally, all luminaires need to be prepared with DALI drivers.

You should also bear in mind that certain devices need to be programmed for the correct function or grouping and that this should be done using software from the same supplier. If you intend to mix and match panels and sensors (applies to all actuating units), then you will require the correct knowledge of these in order to achieve a good result. The easiest components to exchange between brands are power supplies; however, these are also passive devices.