e-Sense Customised

Customised lighting control via DALI

Current technology makes it possible to integrate thousands of luminaires and control functions in just one system, based on a network with control over DALI routers. In Fagerhult e-Sense Customised we have concentrated all our lighting control expertise and experience. We help you with customised solutions in complex projects – from the early design stage through to final programming.

Simple but smart solutions with guaranteed operating function can be used in most environments under normal conditions. But in larger facilities, such as offices and hospitals, the requirements imposed on operating functions are more stringent, demanding more performance and information from the lighting installation. It must be possible to manage energy supply, operating time, fault alarms and light status together with the general building control. Overall control of all functions in a building requires very specific control and competence.

Few components in complex systems

Despite the complexity and size of lighting installations, only a few components are needed to manage the whole system. Luminaires with ballasts, sensors (multisensors), pushbuttons and input units can deal with most functions that are required. The complexity and freedom comes with the software which is used, both when it comes to commissioning and future programming. There are few functions, if indeed any at all, which cannot be handled.

e-Sense Customised is our complete range of customised lighting installations. We help you come up with the parts needed to customise an installation based on your stated needs. We can also help in designing, programming and setting up the installation.

Helvar components


Smaller, simpler DALI solutions