Control panel, Fagerhult

Fagerhult has designed and developed a pushbutton panel offering unique functions and options. Originally, the panel needed to meet the requirements of a hospital environment and the label on each individual pushbutton needed to be easy to read. Pushbuttons for lighting control can be designed for a variety of environments and needs. Being able to see the various functions and which was most recently activated always comes down to two fundamental requirements. A pushbutton panel that has a number of buttons must have LEDs to show the selected function, as well as clear, legible text indicating the function of each button. This panel also has membrane pushbuttons, which are easy to clean. It is easy to mark each function. Print out the function using a labelling device such as DYMO or Brother, 8 mm text width. The text strip should be applied from the reverse side of the panel before fitting. NB! Do not remove the cover strip on the tape side!