Industry and high heights

Low-bay warehouse

In a low-bay warehouse, a large proportion of the work is carried out manually, which demands high quality lighting in the aisles. In this case, it is extremely important to ensure there is sufficient light among the shelves to facilitate the work.

Low-bay warehouse

Lower heights, the same high demands

In a warehouse with a lower ceiling height, wide or medium beam lighting are the best solutions to enable good visability and working conditions among the shelves. It is important to have an even light level both vertically and horizontally, and for the illuminance to amount to at least 150 lx in the aisles and 200 lx in open areas. Since the luminaires are mounted at a lower height than in a high-bay warehouse, it is even more important to have a glare-free lighting solution.

Lighting control in low-bay warehouses

We recommend motion-detecting lighting controls in areas that are not constantly occupied by staff. In areas such as warehouse aisles and storage areas, lighting is only needed when someone is present. Our e-Sense Move Highbay control system detects occupancy via sensors and then activates a preset number of luminaires, creating seamless and energy-efficient lighting for the entire space.


No two industries are the same and it is therefore difficult to give general advice, but as a rule the standard EN 12464-1 applies to the lighting of workplaces indoors. When planning lighting, you need to have a good understanding of the layout of the area, as well as the tasks that are to be performed. 

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