Industry and high heights


Detailed work is performed during the assembly process, requiring a high level of focus for most of the shift. Good lighting not only creates the conditions for the staff to be able to carry out their work, but can also increase working comfort and reduce the risk of occupational injuries.


Glare-free light for efficient production

High quality and glare-free lighting is one of the factors contributing to trouble-free production and high working comfort for those spending time on the premises. There are different lighting requirements depending on the type of product being manufactured, but generally; the smaller the parts, the more light is required. It is also important to consider the position of the luminaires in relation to the visual object. The lighting requirements for the working area vary between different operations. We recommend from 300 lx for larger objects and up to 1,000 lx or more for precision work involving smaller parts. For an assembly line in a space with low ceiling height, we recommend luminaires with wide beam light distribution in order to achieve a good, efficient solution.


No two industries are the same and it is therefore difficult to give general advice, but as a rule the standard EN 12464-1 applies to the lighting of workplaces indoors. When planning lighting, you need to have a good understanding of the layout of the area, as well as the tasks that are to be performed. 

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