Industry and high heights

Processing industry

Large halls, high ceilings, high temperatures, dirt particles and processing work involving different types of liquids. Due to the demanding environment and the type of work carried out in a processing industry it is of the utmost importance for the lighting to provide the right conditions. It is essential to ensure that all work can be carried out efficiently and without the risk of occupational injuries.

Processing industry

Safe lighting for demanding environments

There are many different factors that influence the choice of lighting in a processing industry. In order to reduce maintenance and avoid unnecessary stops in production, we recommend a luminaire that combines durability with a high level of light comfort. A high protection class such as IP 66 and corrosion class C4 create the right conditions for durable lighting with low maintenance requirements, as the luminaire is resistant to both water and dirt particles. To ensure a trouble-free work process, the illuminance should be between 300–750 lx for the most common work duties. The lighting needs to be glare-free and flicker-free, and create a comfortable light environment for all types of tasks.


No two industries are the same and it is therefore difficult to give general advice, but as a rule the standard EN 12464-1 applies to the lighting of workplaces indoors. When planning lighting, you need to have a good understanding of the layout of the area, as well as the tasks that are to be performed. 

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