Industry and high heights

High-bay warehouse

Warehouses can vary in size, and they often have high ceilings in order to utilise the space efficiently. The work is carried out both on the floor and higher up with the aid of forklifts, but it is important to have a balanced light level regardless of the working height.

High-bay warehouse

Working at height

In the event of high ceilings, it is necessary to have glare-free light to ensure high comfort and effiecient work flow for the staff on the floor. For a good working environment and to avoid accidents, we recommend narrow beam luminaires installed in the middle of the warehouse aisles. To make it easier to work both on the floor and among the shelves, it is important to have even light levels both vertically and horizontally. The illuminance should reach at least 150 lx in the aisles, at least 200 lx in open areas and at least 300 lx in areas where there is intense forklift traffic.

Lighting control in high-bay warehouses

We recommend adding motion-detecting lighting controls in those areas that are not constantly occupied – lighting is only needed when someone is present. Our e-Sense Move Highbay control system detects occupancy via sensors and activates a preset number of luminaires. This creates seamless and energy-efficient lighting that follows the employees’ movement patterns.


No two industries are the same and it is therefore difficult to give general advice, but as a rule the standard EN 12464-1 applies to the lighting of workplaces indoors. When planning lighting, you need to have a good understanding of the layout of the area, as well as the tasks that are to be performed. 

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