e-Sense Move Highbay

e-Sense Move Highbay


Industrial control

e-Sense Move High-bay is a lighting control system for industrial applications. Once presence is detected, a predetermined number of luminaires light up at a defined level helping to create a seamless yet energy efficient navigation throughout the space. e-Sense Move Highbay is available with either an isle or open area lens for application specific detection areas.


e-Sense Move Highbay

Flexible lighting control for industrial spaces

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Sensors for application areas

To further optimise the system, e-Sense Move High-bay can be supplied with two different lenses. The Isle optic focuses the detection range in a narrow, rectangular fashion, while the Open Area lens has a medium/wide distribution for wider spaces.

Lighting for industrial applications

High mounting heights require high outputs and make maintenance complicated, especially if an operation goes on around the clock. External factors such as heat, cold or aggressive chemicals, are other factors that influence the choice. With a modern lighting solution from Fagerhult you can forget about the fittings until it is time to replace them.

How e-Sense Move Highbay works

There are two primary presence detection technologies; Microwave and PIR. Microwave sensors are activated by movement, while PIR respond to variations in the ‘heat’ such as a warm body. There are pros and cons of each version. Read more about how e-Sense Move Highbay works here.

Easily create sustainable and energy-efficient
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