Healthcare centre of the year

  • Year: 2020
  • Collaborators: Bærum municipality
  • Location: Bærum
  • Design: Cadi AS
  • Architect: Nordic - Office of Architecture AS
  • Photo: Anne Bråtveit

Dementia is a chronic disease that usually affects older people. People with dementia often forget familiar places and people and have trouble recognizing their surroundings and orienting themselves. 

It is for this reason that the Carpe Diem Dementia Village is designed to ease wayfinding for its users and to feel like a recognizable home rather than an institution. By creating a more ‘homely’ atmosphere both inside and out, the municipality is seeking to provide dementia care services that enable seniors to continue living their life as before, as much as possible.

The idea behind the project is to create an environment where residents can be free to move around in a safe environment, with more access to activities and recreation. The buildings and outdoor spaces were designed to help residents increase their activity and master everyday life. The complex consists of 136 communal housing units and 22 high care dementia units. Construction of dementia villages is interdisciplinary, and many disciplines must work together for the best possible result for users, health professionals and relatives. Adjacent areas are universal design, ergonomics, social responsibility, light and lighting, smart cities, aids, buildings and areas, privacy, and data management.

The dementia village concept is already spreading across countries and communities (i.e., from the Netherlands to Norway) and across municipalities in Norway. Carpe Diem Dementia Village won the “Healthcare center of the year” -award (Årets Helsebygg) in 2020.

The project was also nominated in the "Best Interior 2021" category during this year's Designers' Saturday Awards.