Outdoor optics

Sustainable and economical

Luminaires in outdoor environments are exposed to the elements, vibrations and human impact. The LED does not contain any moving or directly fragile parts. When put together correctly, an LED luminaire is well equipped to withstand all the challenges that outdoor environments pose.

Using traditional light sources, the effects on the environment in terms of energy consumption are high – especially in cases where the electricity comes from sources that are not environmentally optimised.  LED technology is very energy efficient and provides a lot of light in relation to the energy consumed.  In line with technological developments, the luminous efficacy of LEDs also continues to increase dramatically. 

Fagerhult has also manufactured its own LED Boards since 2014, which empowers us to ensure quality and sustainable production and the ability to guarantee spare parts for a long time to come.

An LED module has a service life that far exceeds that of the traditional light source. This results in reduced material usage and less strain on the recycling system. Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs also contain no mercury, which is a positive from both environmental and recycling perspectives. 

The luminaires that are installed today will provide light for many years to come. At Fagerhult have chosen to use LEDs based on ceramic technology, known as HighPower LEDs. They are robust and suitable for long-term outdoor use. They are powered by a relatively low current, which both increases efficiency and extends their service life. 

Another advantage of LEDs in outdoor environments is that a lower ambient temperature, in combination with aluminium luminaire housings, extends the service life and increases the luminous flux. This is why we try to ensure that temperatures are kept as low as possible during both the assembly and testing of the luminaire. The result is very durable and reliable luminaires requiring minimal maintenance.