Total length

Total length is the length of the post including the section underground, unless otherwise stated. Cylindrical straight posts have an additional 150 mm for the post top. 

Light point height (LPH)

Light point height is the measured height from the ground to the underside of the luminaire when mounted on the post.

Corrosion protection tape

Posts intended for mounting in foundations and on-site welding are supplied with a protective PVC tape attached from the base to 750 mm up the post. The tape protects the section of the post that is underground from corrosion.


In order to withstand tough environments, the posts can also be supplied with an anodised surface treatment. Anodisation provides a matt, hard surface that increases resistance to corrosion and wear.

Post covers with latch lock

The post cover is equipped with a double lock. The post cover is opened using a triangular key, supplied with the post.

Wind zone

All posts are designed to cope with wind strengths of up to 24 m/s in accordance with SS-EN40. The most demanding twin arm luminaire in our range was used in our calculations. 24 m/s is sufficient for most of Sweden.

CO2-neutral products

Products for which emissions of greenhouse gases have been reduced and/or compensated in another way, so that throughout the production phase and their use and processing at the end of their useful life they do not emit any COand thus do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.