Manufactured in 95 percent recycled aluminium

Our range of posts is manufactured in 95 percent recycled aluminium. The material is 100 percent recyclable and can also be recycled time and time again without the quality suffering. The use of recycled aluminium in the manufacturing process also allows

Long useful life

The life of an aluminium post is extremely long. If the section of the post underground is in good condition and the post is mounted carefully, it is not unusual for the useful life to reach 45 years. The posts comply with the applicable norms in EN40.

Reduced consumption of materials during manufacture

The specific weight of aluminium is 33 percent of the specific weight of steel. The amount of materials consumed during manufacture of aluminium posts is also much less. Due to a patented reinforcement profile (VT5+), posts are also manufactured with a smaller base diameter than other posts on the market. This allows a weight saving of up to 20 percent. All products are CE marked.