Love outside

Run, walk, cycle or driving in rural or urban landscapes. For a purpose or simply pleasure, the world outside is a beautiful place and, when the sun sets, we want people to enjoy it in the best possible light. From University campuses and retail parking lots to outside the office, our range of exterior luminaires can help you create the perfect lit environment to love outside whatever the time of day or year.

Visual Comfort

The very nature of exterior illumination pitches the high light output of LEDs against the dark backdrop of its surrounds. We believe visual comfort means that light should be a positive experience – both for those seeing the light from a distance and those in the light. With our unique Advanced Glare Control lens, we protect the viewer from a blinding light while still providing an optimum distribution. 

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Controlling the light

Controlling the level of light makes it possible to save a lot of energy. There is often less need to have fully lit streets and other outdoor environments late in the evening and during the night. But switching off lights can make people feel unsafe. With the aid of lighting control, major energy savings can be made without the need to switch off lights completely and create a sense of insecurity.

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Security and Design

PoleLITE and On ground are two innovative flood lights, developed to offer the sense of security essential in exterior lighting while equally enhancing the visual appeal. PoleLITE has a hinged bracket that can be turned to the desired position for e.g. illuminating a staircase or surrounding vegetation. On Ground is also located above the ground to prevent drainage problems and to prevent it from being covered by leaves and snow.

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Guides for facade and close to the house lightning

Each project is unique, and using a lighting calculation the lighting can be optimised for the best end result. Fagerhult can help you with detailed lighting planning. However, we have prepared a quick guide here as an initial pointer based on calculations and experience.

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