Recipe of Light

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All decisions have consequences

Even the best chefs use recipes. When creating your lighting recipe, your favourite ingredients need to be combined and adapted to the room and function. But finding the perfect lighting solution is a balancing act. Not only must you consider visual comfort and economic aspects, but also the impact on people and the environment. With our digital tool Recipe of Light, we can easily visualise the differences between lighting solutions.

What is the difference between light from recessed and pendant luminaires?

What happens if you add spotlights or wallwashers?

How does the light output affect people and the climate?

How do the choices you make affect energy costs?



With knowledge and understanding, it becomes easier to make well-considered and well-informed decisions. Recipe of Light gives you a framework for determining the type of lighting best suited for what you want to achieve in your project – and from there you can easily take the next step.

Our tool serves as a guide on how to think about lighting planning, and clarifies the consequences of different choices.

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