The Product Laboratory

Our seal of approval

With focus on good lighting, Fagerhult has for a long time created first class lighting solutions that help improve people's well-being. But how can we determine the quality of our luminaires and ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements?

All products are assessed by the Product Laboratory until we can safely determine that they not only meet but exceed today's standards. Everything from the smallest screw to the direction of the light is tested with utmost accuracy, transparency and expertise to ensure that all requirements are met and that the luminaire will shine for many years to come.



In 1993, we took a major step and became an Intertek* Customer Testing Facility. This step was made possible with Intertek's guidance and annual audits of our management system, equipment and expertise. 30 years have passed since, and we remain proud partners with an extensive exchange of knowledge. Thanks to this long-term cooperation, our products are fully quality assured as our tests results are reviewed by Intertek, who issue the third-party certificates.

*Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide.

Anders Wilderoth

“To me, the laboratory provides a great sense of security. As a representative of Fagerhult, it is valuable to know that our products are properly tested and that we share this knowledge during our customer visits.”

Anders Wilderoth, Sales Representative at Fagerhult

Precision creates quality

Achieving the best results requires dedication and attention to detail. Our Product Laboratory does not leave anything to chance and all tests are carried out with utmost precision, above and beyond applicable CE marking requirements*. During the testing process, high demands are placed on the knowledge of our staff and measuring instruments are constantly calibrated to ensure reliable results. In addition to CE marking, we also perform accurate light measurements to determine the light output and distribution of a specific luminaire – also known as photometric data files.

The Product Laboratory gives us control over the entire production chain - from the drawing board to the finished luminaire - allowing us to guarantee the quality of our products, down to the last detail. Thorough testing ensures the safety and reliability of our products, which also makes it easier for our customers during both planning and use. We will never part with a luminaire that we are not 100% satisfied with.

*CE marking is a mark that manufacturers use to indicate that a product meets relevant European Union (EU) legal conformity standards in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.

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