Lighting for schools and learning environments. 

To plan the learning environments of the future, we need to familiarize ourselves with what tomorrow's users need. Today's students have completely new reference frameworks, knowledge and starting points to take into account – experiences that never existed before.

The starting point for school construction, or renovation, is determining what constitutes a sustainable and well-functioning learning environment. We will have to live for many years with the decisions we make today, and the effects they have. We want to contribute to sustainable learning environments, where every student can feel secure and have the opportunity to grow.



A democratic
learning environment.

A well-planned learning environment increases the student's opportunities to benefit from education. Malin Valsö, psychologist and author, provides an insightful and practical description here of how, with simple means, you can get the most out of your physical learning environment and create tranquil spaces for study.

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Different types of lighting solutions are suitable for different activities and learning environments in the academic sphere. With our digital tool Recipe of Light and with our lighting guides, we can easily visualise the differences and effects between different lighting solutions. We help you to create energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for the schools of the future.

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We learn all
our lives.

Lifelong learning concerns every individual’s opportunity – and responsibility – to continue developing and learning new things throughout their lives. However, how do we encourage lifelong learning once school is over?

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People in focus

We always have people in focus with our lighting solutions and know that correctly configured lighting gives the best effect. In the academic sphere, this is all the more important, as students need to maintain concentration during long sessions.

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Lighting control for classrooms

The school is a place of learning and stimulation, where lighting is an effective means of enhancing instruction. With our lighting control package, light can be adapted to different learning activities and facilitate the cognitive process. That it also saves energy and is easy to use is a bonus in this context 

We offer solutions with Organic Response for complete future-proof installations, especially adapted for classrooms. Smart, sustainable and for the long-term.


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