Lighting control in classrooms

Lighting control that takes care of itself

Quick installation is always appreciated, especially on renovation projects where time is at a premium and operational disturbances must be kept to a minimum. Traditional renovations with rewiring mean major costs and longer construction times. When renovating learning environments with Fagerhult's Organic Respons luminaires, you can reuse existing wiring and save valuable time. Just install and get going straight away – a simple plug & play system. Communication between the luminaires is wireless. 

With our smart lighting control system Organic Respons, luminaires only light when needed – which is both good for the environment as well as being cost effective. We have equipped the luminaires with a sensor that detects presence and absence. The lighting control sensors are powered through the luminaire and create a smart and energy-efficient lighting control system directly upon installation. When the sensors detect presence, the lighting will turn on gradually and dim again in case of absence.

Our sensors detect heat in motion, which means that even if students sit still, the system detects that there are people in the room – and does not turn off the lights by mistake. In addition, with a sensor in each luminaire, the entire classroom is covered and the lighting remains on, no matter where in the room the students sit.

Another feature is daylight regulation, which lowers the lighting level on days when the sun illuminates the classroom. Lastly, our smart system turns off when school is over for the day. Even if the last one out of the classroom forgets to turn off the lights. 

— Fast and cost-effective installation

— Plug & play

— Sensor in each luminaire

Our classroom solutions

We have equipped our most cost-effective luminaires with smart lighting control Organic Response to offer complete future-proof solutions, especially adapted for classrooms. Smart, sustainable and for the long-term. 

Choose the lighting type, the simplicity comes in the bargain. 

3000 K is standard, also available as 4000 K.

DTI LED Type 2

A suspended workplace luminaire that produces direct/indirect light. Beta Opti louvre shutters on the direct light provide high efficiency and optimum light comfort. Wire and cable included.

Dwide recessed

A recessed luminaire with good light distribution. The spread of light is controlled and glare is minimized by the light passing through Delta louvre shutters and spread once more via the reflector.

Add blackboard lighting

Notor 65 Asymmetrical

With its controlled light distribution, Notor 65 Asymmetrical is ideal for lighting whiteboards. The luminaire creates a high light comfort with a soft gradient between illuminated and unlit surfaces.

Add pushbuttons

Wire- and battery-free pushbuttons

Enocean pushbuttons, 4 functions for general lighting/ambient lighting (86437), 2 functions for board lighting (86436).


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