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Save time with Plug & Play

Organic Response is a wireless and user-friendly Plug & Play system developed for workplaces and learning environments. The system is made up of luminaires with integrated presence sensors that simply need to be connected to the mains voltage in order for the system to start. A smart and energy-efficient lighting control system without the need for commissioning or programming. With sensors that directly and automatically share presence data, the right amount of light is given in the right place and the energy usage is optimised depending on the number of persons in the room.

Efficient installation and use of materials

A workplace rarely looks the same from year to year. New floor plans and lighting in change require a flexible lighting control system that can be adapted in line with its surroundings. With quick installation, automatic adaptation and low material consumption, Organic Response is the optimal solution for properties undergoing renovation.

Customisation app

Organic Response comes with an automatic default setting. With the app, you can make basic settings, but also configure and optimise your solution down to the smallest detail. Adjust light levels, times and create lighting zones, or program different scenes to tailor your lighting.

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Reduce your climate impact with smart lighting
- use energy only when needed.


Remotely monitor spaces

Gain an overview of the energy performance for the day, week or zones in order to optimise energy consumption with ease. Take advantage of real-time updates and schedule and plan lighting to meet your premises’ needs using Organic Response’s online portal.

Map motion, reduce energy costs and improve flexibility, productivity and utilisation of spaces using the Heat Mapping function.

Add smart collaborative solutions to the system

With us you will find smart collaborative solutions for creating dynamic and sustainable workplaces with a focus on both productivity and well-being – all thanks to the Organic Response sensor. Because by taking advantage of the existing lighting architecture, we create the prerequisites for the future and other smart systems. Smart, right?

Fagerhult ✕ Sony

Fagerhult, together with Sony, introduce a smart collaboration where we package lighting control and navigation. Through our joint solution, we provide tools for more efficient and dynamic ways of working. It will be easier to locate both employees and vacant premises/desks to work at and free up more space for spontaneous meetings. 


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The Hickman

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