Illuminate vertical surfaces and create beautiful effects

Both On Ground and PoleLITE are ideal for directional lighting. On Ground is a robust ground luminaire and the flood light PoleLITE can easily be mounted on a post – new or existing

On Ground – we call it “attractively tough”

On Ground is an extremely robust ground floodlight that can be used in many different types of installations. Now it is also available with LED and we would like to take the opportunity to show it off. Designer duo Jöran Olsson and Erik Linder are responsible for On Ground. We asked them to tell us the story behind the product.

“Luminaires are to a light designer what tools are to a carpenter. In the same way that they have their personal favourites among all the hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches in their kit, we have favourites among all the spotlights, floodlights and post top luminaires.

Olsson & Linder

But what do you do when you’re there with a full toolbox, but don’t have the ultimate tool? Most ground floodlights on the market have associated installation, drainage, glare and vandalism problems that often constitute a high cost.

We operate in areas that are seldom or never part of urban development, but where a large proportion of the population lives and works. More often than not, the financial resources required to plan these luminaires, with their associated problems and risks, are not available. The result is a poorer environment where e.g. beautifully lit trees and façades are a scarce resource.

We decided to solve the problem in our own way and design a luminaire that could be the special tool you feel you just have to have in your toolbox. A luminaire designed for even the toughest and most demanding environments that does not stand out in a negative way or at best is not even visible or noticeable. The result was On Ground. An ‘attractively tough’ ground flood light that sits above the ground. Now our toolbox is even more complete!”

- Olsson & Linder


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PoleLITE – creates a sense of security 

Good lighting is essential when it comes to increasing the sense of security outdoors. Thanks to the PoleLITE flood light it is possible to create both a sense of security and beautiful surroundings using simple means. 

PoleLITE has a hinged bracket that can be turned to the desired position for e.g. illuminating a staircase or surrounding vegetation. The bracket is easy to install on both new and existing posts. 

It is also possible to install several flood lights on the same post, either at different heights or all at the same height.Choose from three different distribution angles depending on what you want to illuminate. 


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