Recyclable, corrosion resistant and durable

Approximately eight per cent of the earth’s crust consists of aluminium in the form of various minerals.

Aluminium is one of the few metals where access to raw materials is essentially unlimited. Aluminium is currently, after iron, the most commonly used metal, due to a unique combination of properties:

- Lightweight
- Durable
- Malleable
- Easy to work with
- Corrosion resistant
- Easy to mill, drill, cut, punch, bend, weld, glue and tape

Aluminium can be recycled for the same use time and time again. Unlike many other materials, aluminium does not lose its unique properties. In addition, recycling only requires five per cent of the original energy consumption. In principle, aluminium can be recycled for use in new products in an unending cycle, without any loss in quality. What’s more, only a tiny percentage is lost on remelting, while the material properties such as low weight in combination with high durability and corrosion resistance contribute to a low environmental impact.